Leticia Ochoa Adams is a born and raised Tejana who loves bluebonnets, longhorns and Texas shaped Waffles. She writes and speaks on faith, grief and suicide loss because after the loss of her oldest son Anthony to suicide she saw a lack of space for honest grieving and acknowledgement of trauma so she set out to create one.

Inspired by other women who have a passion and gift for storytelling like Jen Fulwiler, Nora McInerny and Stephanie Wittles Wachs who all make stories on their own terms, Leticia set out to do the same which is to use storytelling as the means to change the world’s idea of what it means to grieve, be a mother and change dysfunctional patterns that have been set for generations.

Leticia believes that this is how we change the world, by facing our shit and healing from it.

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